List of resource producing heroes

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+350 Gold +1 Mercury +1 Sulfur +1 Crystal +1 Gem Specialty Estates small.gif Estates
Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle Caitlin Caitlin Cuthbert Cuthbert Lord Haart Lord Haart
Town portrait Rampart small.gif Rampart Jenova Jenova
Town portrait Tower small.gif Tower Aine Aine Rissa Rissa
Town portrait Inferno small.gif Inferno Octavia Octavia Calid Calid
Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis Clavius Clavius Nagash Nagash
Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon Damacon Damacon Sephinroth Sephinroth Mutare Mutare Mutare Drake Mutare Drake
Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold Saurug Saurug
Town portrait Fortress small.gif Fortress
Town portrait Conflux small.gif Conflux Grindan Grindan Gelare Gelare Erdamon Erdamon Thunar Thunar
Town portrait Cove small.gif Cove Horn of the Abyss Leena Leena  Horn of the Abyss Andal Andal  Horn of the Abyss Leena Leena  Horn of the Abyss

†: Lord Haart is specialized in Estates; giving him a 5% bonus per level to his Estates income. At high levels, this is more interesting than the flat +350 Gold bonus from heroes such as Caitlin, Jenova, and so on. With Expert level in the Estates skill, the 350 Gold bonus is matched at level 14; or at level 7 with Horn of the Abyss which doubles Estates income.