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Mysticism is one of those secondary skills, that have a good idea but the execution fails. A hero with Expert Mysticism gains four spell points per day, which is the same amount of points a hero with Mystic Orb of Mana (a treasure class artifact) would gain. The only situation mysticism could be useful, is in maps with long traveling distances or maps with no magic wells or mage guilds to recharge spell points. However, these are rare occasions, of which the Dragon Slayer campaign might be one. In conclusion, mysticism is just not worth spending one of eight possible secondary skill slots.

Assuming that numbers are rounded down, it takes speciality Mysticism a while to be useful as well. At basic level, you will restore 1 additional MP per day for every 10 hero levels (10 * 5% * 2 MP), at advanced level, you will restore 1 additional MP per day for every 6-7 hero levels (6.66 * 5% * 3 MP), and at expert level, you will restore 1 additional MP per day for every 5 hero levels (5 * 5% * 4 MP). Surely by the time you reach this level, you should at least have access to one of the pendants of mana or similar artifact? -unsigned user

This secondary skill is best suited, ironically, on heroes who do not specialize in magic, and is most effective at basic level. A scouting small fighter hero at the start of the game who had to choose between mysticism and ballistics/learning/luck etc and had to pick the less useless skill. 10-20 spell points, no wells or towns around (too weak to even take a town), barely bought a spell book with cheap level 1 spells like haste or slow, plenty of days scouting around and picking up resources. Not even logistics learned yet, so even more days spent moving around.
Compare this to the end-game sorcerer hero who has 100-500 spell points, teleports from town to town, moves around easily with dimension door or flight, can easily find a well or city to restore his points in.
This skill is obviously better suited for the secondary, forgotten heroes, who find themselves in rare and occasional battles. Or for barbarian/figher heroes who do not specialize in spells at all or even wear any +knowledge artifacts --LlVIU (talk) 15:09, 9 March 2020 (UTC)