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Artifacts list
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Diplomat's Cloak Diplomat's Cloak Horn of the Abyss Combo Relic 15000 Gold   Allows retreat / surrender when battling neutral monsters / defending a town
Multiplies diplomatic army strength by 3
 Pendant of Reflection Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss Combo Relic 12000 Gold   Resistance +20% Necklace/Cape/Feet
 Ironfist of the Ogre Ironfist of the Ogre Horn of the Abyss Combo Relic 20000 Gold   Haste/Bloodlust/Fire Shield/Counterstrike
on all allies for 50 turns
 Golden Goose Golden Goose Horn of the Abyss Combo Relic 22500 Gold   Gold +4750 Gold Misc/Misc/Misc
 Trident of Dominion Trident of Dominion Horn of the Abyss Weapon Major 7000 Gold   Attack +7
 Shield of Naval Glory Shield of Naval Glory Horn of the Abyss Shield Major 7000 Gold   Defense +7
 Royal Armor of Nix Royal Armor of Nix Horn of the Abyss Torso Major 7000 Gold   Spell Power +6
 Crown of the Five Seas Crown of the Five Seas Horn of the Abyss Helm Major 7000 Gold   Knowledge +6
 Wayfarer's Boots Wayfarer's Boots Horn of the Abyss Feet Major 5000 Gold   No movement penalty over rough terrain
 Ring of Suppression Ring of Suppression Horn of the Abyss Ring Treasure 4000 Gold   Enemy Morale -1
 Hideous Mask Hideous Mask Horn of the Abyss Misc Minor 4000 Gold   Enemy Morale -1
 Pendant of Downfall Pendant of Downfall Horn of the Abyss Necklace Major 7000 Gold   Enemy Morale -2
 Runes of Imminency Runes of Imminency Horn of the Abyss Misc Treasure 2000 Gold   Enemy Luck -1
 Demon's Horseshoe Demon's Horseshoe Horn of the Abyss Misc Treasure 2000 Gold   Enemy Luck -1
 Shaman's Puppet Shaman's Puppet Horn of the Abyss Misc Minor 4000 Gold   Enemy Luck -2
 Ring of Oblivion Ring of Oblivion Horn of the Abyss Ring Major 7500 Gold   All losses in combat are irrevocable
 Cape of Silence Cape of Silence Horn of the Abyss Cape Major 7500 Gold   Prevents casting lvl 1-2 spells
 Horn of the Abyss (artifact) Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss Misc Relic 50000 Gold   Raises Fangarms from slain stacks of living creatures

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