Under the Jolly Roger

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Horn of the Abyss map icon.pngOnly available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.

Under the Jolly Roger is the first campaign in Horn of the Abyss.


This is the story of one pirate, mostly known as Jeremy Albatross. He never loses heart and is assured that luck will always shine upon him. Even when his beloved Black Unicorn is lost in a catastrophe, and he ends up on a desolate island without a chance to escape. Even then, he doesn't lose hope.



Name Size Bonus Sides Victory Condition Loss Condition
Pirates and Palms S Basic Pathfinding, +1 Attack skill, or 5 Crew Mates. Tan (player) Upgrade Town Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Jeremy has been shipwrecked and has washed up on an unknown island. To complete the scenario, capture an abandoned fort and build it into a castle. Jeremy will be limited to level six, but will transfer to the next scenario.
Master of the Island M Either 5 Pirates, the Wayfarer's Boots, or 2500 Gold. Tan (player) Flag All Creature Dwellings Time Expires
To win, capture all external dwelling within three months. Jeremy will be limited to level 12, but will continue on to the next scenario of the campaign.
Devil Sunrise M+ Either Upgraded Serpent Fly Hive, Demon's Horseshoe, or 4 Stormbirds. Tan (player), Red (enemy) Capture Town Lose Hero
Jeremy and Alkin have united to defend against the Kreegan attacks on the island. To ensure success, they must capture a secret demon base. It can only be captured once all enemy heroes have been eliminated. Your heroes will be limited to level 18. If Jeremy is defeated, the scenario is lost.