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*Start with a random hero
*Start with a random hero
[[Category: Campaigns]]
[[Category: Campaign]]

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This is the first map of the Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia campaign Spoils of War.


In times of strife, your mercenary ways will earn you great rewards. With Erathia collapsing under the weight of the Nighon onslaught in the east, the opportunity for some land grabbing has presented itself in the west. Erathia's lands are ours for the taking.

Cinematic Briefing

As you foresaw milord, King Gryphonheart's death brings many opportunities for your mercenary skills. A messenger from Tatalia, on behalf of King Tralossk, has contacted us. Twenty years ago, following numerous border skirmishes along the western shore of Erathia, Tatalia signed an agreement to cease hostilities. King Gryphonheart is dead. Their agreement has died with him. Aggressive tactics have never been part of Tatalia's military character. Their ranks are vast, and once they possess Erathian land, they will hold it. However, they need generals to guide their heroes to expand their borders and accommodate their growing population.


Your first orders from King Tralossk are simple enough: seize all mines in the region so that the armies of Tatalia will have the resources necessary for a larger military campaign against Erathia.

But there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the three Erathian outposts in the area are mostly depleted due to the war in the east. The bad news is that they can summon reinforcements faster than we can, so you must act quickly.

Of course, should you eliminate the opposition in the area, then you will be able to complete the contract at your leisure...


To win, you must flag all mines. Your Heroes will be limited to 12th level in this scenario, but your 8 strongest heroes will be available to you in the final scenario of this campaign.

Map Details

Difficulty: Easy

Map Size: Medium

Next map: Gold Rush


You start with your choice of hero.

The enemy starts without any heroes.

Starting Options