Earth Magic

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is about the secondary skill. For earth magic spells, see School of Earth Magic.
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Earth Magic
Basic Earth Magic.png Basic Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost.
Advanced Earth Magic.png Advanced Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost and increased effectiveness.
Expert Earth Magic.png Expert Earth Magic: allows your hero to cast earth spells at reduced cost and maximum effectiveness.

Earth Magic is a secondary skill, that increases the effectiveness and reduces costs of spells from the School of Earth Magic.

Heroes with Earth Magic as a starting skill:


There are several reasons to select Earth Magic, but one of the strongest motive is Town Portal spell, which is among the most powerful adventure map spells along with Fly and Dimension Door. Another excellent reason is the Resurrection spell (and Animate Dead for Undead), which permanently resurrects creatures at Advanced and Expert level (while on Basic level only for the duration of the battle). A hero with a lot of spell points, high power skill and Expert or Advanced Resurrection can survive without losses from almost any battle (for example, by Blinding the last enemy stack and then resurrecting all of their own troops).

Furthermore, with Expert Earth Magic, Shield, Stone Skin and Slow become powerful mass spells at Expert level. Slow becomes especially excellent, reducing all enemy creatures speed by 50%, which can certainly change the outcome of a battle. And finally, Implosion, which is the most destructive spell for a single creature stack, deals 200 more damage on expert level than on basic level.