Earth Magic

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Increases the performance of your Earth Magic Spells.

Earth Magic
Basic Earth Magic.png Basic Earth Magic:
Advanced Earth Magic.png Advanced Earth Magic:
Expert Earth Magic.png Expert Earth Magic:

List of Earth Magic Spells

First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Fifth Level


Considered the strongest spell school by most, Earth Magic basically does it all: good damage spells, good adventure map spells, decent blessings, Resurrection/Animate Dead, and last, but not least, Slow. If your hero is going to learn only one Magic School, Earth Magic would be it. Still, some tend to rank it a bit too highly; Town Portal is obviously an excellent spell, but it is also often banned. Resurrection is a great spell, but most of the time, it can't turn a battle. Slow is also great, but it won't help you that much if the enemy has better ranged units than you. That being said, Earth Magic is still powerful enough for it to be one of the "must have" skills.

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