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Stronghold Fortress Conflux


| town       = stronghold
| class      = barbarian
| gender     = male
| spieces    = human
| specialty  = Behemoths
| spec_expl  =[Behemoth and ancieng behemoth|Behemoths and ancient behemoths] under Kilgor's command receive +5
Attack, +5 [Defense]] and +10 [[Damage]. | skill_1 = Advanced Offense | oneskill =


Kilgor is a barbarian class, and one of the stronghold's heroes.

Kilgor is only available in Armageddon's Blade, and originally only playable in campaigns. He is responsible for the destruction of the world at the beginning of Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Since defeating his father for rulership of his clan, Kilgor has earned much fame throughout Krewlod. Many consider him the only man capable of winning the generational Festival of Life.