Pixie and Sprite

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Conflux creatures
Level 1
Pixie Pixie
Sprite Sprite
Level 2
Air Elemental Air Elemental
Storm Elemental Storm Elemental
Level 3
Water Elemental Water Elemental
Ice Elemental Ice Elemental
Level 4
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental
Energy Elemental Energy Elemental
Level 5
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental
Magma Elemental Magma Elemental
Level 6
Psychic Elemental Psychic Elemental
Magic Elemental Magic Elemental
Level 7
Firebird Firebird
Phoenix Phoenix
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Neutral
Creature Pixie.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 2
Defense 2
Damage 1–2
Health 3
Speed 7
Movement Flying
Size 1
Growth 20 (+10)
AI Value 55
Creature Sprite.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 2
Defense 2
Damage 1–3
Health 3
Speed 9
Movement Flying
Size 1
Growth 20 (+10)
AI Value 95
 Special abilities:
No enemy retaliation
Magic Lantern  Pixie (adventure map).gifSprite (adventure map).gif

Pixies and Sprites are level 1 creatures of Conflux town. They are recruited from the Magic Lantern.

"Within the land of Antagarich, Pixies and Sprites have found a home within the walls of the Conflux. These flying creatures are usually found in large numbers and possess great quickness. Sprites strike so quickly, they prevent their enemies from counterstriking." AB manual

Building the Garden of Life increases Pixie and Sprite growth by 10 per week.

Tactics and info

Because of their high growth (50 with Castle and Garden of Life), high speed and good special, the Sprites are considered to be one of the strongest level 1 units, being cheap too. A good tactic is to wait in the first turn, attack at the end and retreat next turn.

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