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School of Earth Magic
Symbol for School of Earth Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow *
 Stone Skin
 View Earth
Level 2
 Death Ripple
 Visions *
Level 3
 Animate Dead
 Force Field
 Protection from Earth
Level 4
 Meteor Shower
 Town Portal
Level 5
 Summon Earth Elemental
School of Air Magic
School of Fire Magic
School of Water Magic
School:  Earth Magic
Level:  4th
Cost:  20/16
Duration:  combat/permanent
 Basic effect
Target, allied troop with dead creatures has (40 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures restored to life for the duration of the current battle.
 Advanced effect
Same as basic effect, except that (80 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures are restored permanently.
 Expert effect
Same as advanced effect, except that (160 + (power x 50)) health worth of creatures are restored.
 Probability of occurrence (%):
Castle Castle   20
Rampart Rampart   20
Tower Tower   29 (20*)
Inferno Inferno   20
Necropolis Necropolis   20
Dungeon Dungeon   20
Stronghold Stronghold   0
Fortress Fortress   0
Conflux Conflux   10
Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss   10
* Without Library

Resurrection is a 4th level spell in the School of Earth Magic. It resurrects dead creatures in target allied stack. Resurrection does not work on undead, elementals, gargoyles, golems or war machines.

Heroes with Resurrection specialty:

Creatures able to cast Resurrection: