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*Start with [[Unearthed Graves]]
*Start with [[Unearthed Graves]]
*It is highly recommended to choose the [[Vampire's Cowl]] as your start bonus. While the [[Unearthed Graves]] and [[Necromancy Amplifier]] both provide addition [[skeletons]], they only require 1000 gold to construct. Whilst the [[Vampire's Cowl]] as a value of 4000 gold and cannot otherwise be obtained in the mission, while providing a large [[skeleton]] boost than either the [[Necromancy Amplifier]] or the [[Unearthed Graves]].
*Total [[skeleton]] count is across heroes as well as castles and are not required to be in a single stack.
*[[Necromancy]] is a very powerful ability as this mission illustrates and it is highly recommended to make use of it by engaging all [[wandering monsters]] in combat and not allowing them to flee.
[[Category: Campaigns]]
[[Category: Campaigns]]

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This is the second map of the Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia campaign Long Live the King.


The war in Erathia is the greatest thing that could have happened for the nation of Deyja. A war of this scale is an endless harvest for our undead armies. Today we shall feast, and tomorrow we shall conquer Erathia for ourselves.

Cinematic Briefing



To win, you must have a total of 2500 Skeletons in all your armies within 3 months. Some Border Guards can only be passed if a Hero carries a Quest Artifact from a previous scenario, but the the artifact beyond the Border Guard will travel with you to the next scenario.

Victory message, ""

Defeat message, ""

Map Details

Difficulty: Normal

Map Size:

Next Map:

Total Castles:


You start with the heroes you completed A Gryphon's Heart with.

The enemy starts with <UNKOWN>.

Maximum Heroes: NA

Maximum Level: NA

Starting Options