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Secondary skills
Expert Air Magic.png Air Magic
Expert Archery.png Archery
Expert Armorer.png Armorer
Expert Artillery.png Artillery
Expert Ballistics.png Ballistics
Expert Diplomacy.png Diplomacy
Expert Eagle Eye.png Eagle Eye
Expert Earth Magic.png Earth Magic
Expert Estates.png Estates
Expert Fire Magic.png Fire Magic
Expert First Aid.png First Aid
Expert Intelligence.png Intelligence
Expert Leadership.png Leadership
Expert Learning.png Learning
Expert Logistics.png Logistics
Expert Luck.png Luck
Expert Mysticism.png Mysticism
Expert Navigation.png Navigation
Expert Necromancy.png Necromancy
Expert Offense.png Offense
Expert Pathfinding.png Pathfinding
Expert Resistance.png Resistance
Expert Scholar.png Scholar
Expert Scouting.png Scouting
Expert Sorcery.png Sorcery
Expert Tactics.png Tactics
Expert Water Magic.png Water Magic
Expert Wisdom.png Wisdom
Expert Interference.png Interference Horn of the Abyss
Basic Sorcery.png Basic Sorcery: causes a hero's spells to inflict an additional 5% damage in combat.
Advanced Sorcery.png Advanced Sorcery: causes a hero's spells to inflict an additional 10% damage in combat.
Expert Sorcery.png Expert Sorcery: causes a hero's spells to inflict an additional 15% damage in combat.

Increases the amount of damage your damage spells do:

Recommended for: For heroes relying a lot of direct damage spells such as Armageddon. For other heroes, sorcery is a sub-par secondary skill and should be avoided in favor of other skills that boost magic or combat damage (Offense and Archery). Spell damage grows very slowly over time and even the Sorcery specialists will find their spell damage boost to be fairly underwhelming against the growing monster stacks, all while non-damaging spells like Haste, Slow and Berserk become more and more useful because their tactical value scales with the monster stack size. In short, Sorcery offers only a minor buff and only to spells that will get used less and less as the game progresses.

Heroes with Sorcery as a starting skill

The following heroes all start with Basic Sorcery:

Heroes that specialize in Sorcery

The following heroes all receive a 5% per level bonus to their Sorcery skill: