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  • Upgrade your three first level creature dwellings as soon as possible: the upgraded versions are much better than the base versions (no retaliation against sprites; storm and ice elementals are range shooters).
  • Both storm and ice elemental have a wide range of damage: 2-8 for storm elementals, 3-7 for ice elementals. It is both a curse and a blessing, literally speaking: you want to cast Bless on them but avoid having them Cursed as well.
  • A simple Ring of Vitality makes your pixies/sprites 33% more durable; this plus a Vial of Lifeblood doubles their durability.
  • Statistically, the conflux's higher tier units are weaker than average. However, this is compensated by their strong low tier units, which gives the conflux an advantage over the other factions in the early game.


  • Conflux has the highest growth of units of all towns. (excluding Necropolis with Necromancy)
  • Several great heroes
  • Phoenixes are the fastest creature in the game, out-speeding all competition by a large margin, and also have a base growth of 2
  • Average speed of Conflux units are the fastest of all towns.
  • Many units unaffected by Mind spells
  • All 4 top-level units immune to Armageddon, opening up for the Dracageddon tactic.
  • Low level units are great for efficient map-clearing
  • Magic University allows heroes to learn all 4 Magic secondary skills for 2000 Gold each.
  • The Aurora Borealis is the best Grail building, handing out all spells
  • The Elementals are unaffected by bad Morale


  • No ranged units without upgrading
  • Magma Elementals are the worst level 5 unit
  • Energy Elementals are below average
  • Many units have vulnerabilities to certain spells
  • Cannot have Armageddon in the Mage Guild, decreasing the viability of Dragogeddon
  • The Elementals are unaffected by positive Morale
  • All units are immune to resurrection except for level 1 and 7.
  • Even though some town creatures can be used in Dragogeddon tactic, town creatures are still going to be easily overpowered after you use Armageddon spell if you can't retreat. So using this tactic is advised only if you have large amount of Phoenix troops
  • WARNING! This town is often considered too strong and thus is banned in many multiplayer games/tournaments.