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  • Dungeon armies are possessed of a variety of long ranged attacks, have effective damage dealing troops, and have the ability to greatly disrupt the strategies of their enemies.
  • Upgrade your level 2 creature dwelling as soon as possible: harpy hags have a great base speed (9) and their attacks cannot be retaliated against.
  • Haste your minotaurs/minotaur kings. They are brutes which do a lot of damage and you want them to strike at the enemy as soon as possible.
    • Plus, save obstacles, a hasted minotaur king can reach nearly any point of the battle field.
  • Or, to not damage ones own units, the Armageddon's Blade (artifact), if tier 7 creatures of Rampart and some other immune units are not part of the opponent or can be killed later.
  • Although dungeon is quite expensive, it has good magical capabilities (e.g. mana vortex) and powerful troops like black dragons, which are among the strongest creatures in Erathia.


  • Two ranged units, both of which have no melee penalty.
  • Mana Vortex: doubles your max spell points once a week.
  • Black Dragons are potential for "Dragogeddon" tactic because of their spell immunity. Additionally Warlock gain more power than other hero classes.
  • The Battle Scholar Academy instantly levels-up starting heroes.
  • Three powerful heroes: Gunnar with Logistics specialty, and Jeddite and Alamar with Resurrection spell
  • Portal of summoning may be used to gain additional creatures
  • The weekly income with Capitol and the Resource Silo is enough to recruit all the units without any external mines.
  • By using "Dragogeddon" tactic you can easily overcome Necropolis tactic to acumulate large amounts of "Skeletons" and destroy them easily with little to no efforts.


  • Dungeon is quite expensive to build-up.
  • Manticores and Scorpicores are one of the weakest level 6 units.
  • Difficult to build level 7 creature dwelling


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Continued discussion on my talk page. --imahero 18:01, 19 March 2018 (CET)