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School of Earth Magic is perhaps the strongest of all the schools, because it has a wide variety of all kinds of spells. The most powerful of them all is Town Portal, which at expert Earth Magic enables hero to teleport to any allied town with a mere cost of 20 spell points and 300 movement points. This alone would be excellent feature, but what makes it truly great spell is that a hero can cast Town Portal unlimited times, provided that he has spell points and movement points left. In comparison, Dimension Door can only be cast four times a day at expert level.

Other powerful spells in the School of Earth Magic are Resurrection and its undead counterpart Animate Dead. Resurrection (or Animate Dead) combined with Blind may save an entire army with enough spell points. Yet another powerful spell is mass Slow, which slows down every enemy stack enabling the hero's troops to act first. Other useful spells are Force Field, Earthquake and Shield.