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{{Ar|Cape of Velocity|   Cape|Major|  10000|Unit [[speed]] +2||}}
{{Ar|Cape of Velocity|   Cape|Major|  10000|Unit [[speed]] +2||}}
{{Ar|Angel Wings|   Cape|Relic|  20000|Spell [[Fly]] permanent||}}
{{Ar|Angel Wings|   Cape|Relic|  20000|Spell [[Fly]] permanent||}}
{{Ar|Cloak of the Undead King|   Cape|Combo|  N/A|[[Necromancy]] +60% [[Skeleton]]s,<br />[[Walking Dead]]s, [[Wight]]s or [[Lich]]es|Cloak of the Undead King}}*<noinclude>
{{Ar|Cloak of the Undead King|   Cape|Combination|  N/A|[[Necromancy]] +60% [[Skeleton]]s,<br />[[Walking Dead]]s, [[Wight]]s or [[Lich]]es|Cloak of the Undead King}}*<noinclude>

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Artifacts list
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Cape of Conjuring Cape of Conjuring Cape Tresure 1500 Gold   Spell duration +3 Part of Ring of the Magi
 Dragon Wing Tabard Dragon Wing Tabard [[ Cape]] Minor 4000 Gold   Spell Power +2
Knowledge +2
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Vampire's Cowl Vampire's Cowl [[ Cape]] Minor 4000 Gold   Necromancy +10% Part of Cloak of the Undead King
 Surcoat of Counterpoise Surcoat of Counterpoise [[ Cape]] Major 4000 Gold   Resistance +10%
 Ambassador's Sash Ambassador's Sash [[ Cape]] Major 5000 Gold   Surrendering cost is reduced
 Everflowing Crystal Cloak Everflowing Crystal Cloak [[ Cape]] Major 5000 Gold   Resource Crystal +1 Part of Cornucopia
 Recanter's Cloak Recanter's Cloak [[ Cape]] Major 8000 Gold   Prevents casting 3lvl+ spells
 Cape of Velocity Cape of Velocity [[ Cape]] Major 10000 Gold   Unit speed +2
 Angel Wings Angel Wings [[ Cape]] Relic 20000 Gold   Spell Fly permanent
 Cloak of the Undead King Cloak of the Undead King [[ Cape]] Combination N/A Gold   Necromancy +60% Skeletons,
Walking Deads, Wights or Liches
Part of Cloak of the Undead King

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