Thieves' guild

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In game footage of The Thieves' Guild. Player has aqquired four towns and thereby unlocked eight different statistics. (Note: five towns are required to see Income statistics)

The Thieves' guild is part of the Tavern. It provides information on the relative strength of all the players. Each player is portrayed by a flag of their color which is placed further to the left depending on their rank regarding listed information.

The information from the thieves' guild is dependent on the number of towns you control.

One town - Number of towns, number of heroes and the name and portrait of the best hero of every team.

Two towns - Gold, wood & ore and the primary skills of the best heroes.

Three towns - mercury, sulfur, crystal & gems, obelisk found and the personality of the best heroes

Four Towns - Artifacts and kingdom army strenght and the name and portrait of the strongest monster of every hero.

Five Towns or more - You will see all possible information, just like visiting a Den of Thieves. Note that the information about enemy heroes is the same as with four towns.

The information provided by the Thieves' guild is:

Number of Towns - Depending on quantity of Towns.

Number of Heroes - Depending on quantity of Heroes.

Gold - Depending on quantity of Gold.

Wood & Ore - Depending on total quantity of Wood & Ore.

Merc, Sulf, Cryst & Gems - Depending on total quantity of Mercury, Sulfur, Crystal & Gems.

Obelisks Found - Depending on number of puzzlepieces collected through Obelisks. (Note: In team play, puzzlepieces are collected together.)

Artifacts - Depending on number of artifacts of all your characters, both equipped and in backpacks.

Kingdom Army Strength - Depending on total strength of all your acquired armies combined.

Income - Depending on total income of gold per day. (See Gold for possible income-sources)

Best Hero - Depending on the best hero in your arsenal. Qualities that comes to play are: Army strength, primary skills, hero level, Secondary skills and artifacts.

Personality - Shows one of three characteristics; "Builder", "Warrior" or "Explorer". Human players are always shown as "Human".

Best Monster - Shows the most powerful monster in this teams army.


Heroes stationed inside your towns aren't counted for towards the Best Hero category, but this is not true for the strongest monster category.