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You are more than welcome to make changes to this wiki and improve the content of it. However, please consider the necessity of the change or the information you are about to add.

It is most important to stay on the topic. In other words, talking about "cats" on the page that is about "dogs" makes it harder for readers to follow, although it might seem logical to talk about "cats and dogs" on the same page because they are both pets.

It is also important to remember, that people have used a lot of time editing this wiki and phrasing the articles. So editing them should show the same level of style and dedication. Thank you, and welcome to edit the wiki. --Kapteeni Ruoska 07:25, 1 August 2014 (CEST)


Straying is spaying is reverting? At least it wasnt straight undo. Should write some script on what you asked for lately, so i could write follow ups to your requests, i do hope we synchronise on how i would like this wiki to change to something more suitable for "Peaceful Ending". Was lately going through here and trying to not improvise that much but actually knowing my way around the map.

Hopefully one day i'd have an automatic map analysator ("ok, fly/water walk/town portal are removed, possible artefacts would be, there's a quest chain there, ressources are at ..., some strategies would be Necromancy/Thant, Dungeon/Gunnar (supposedly that's logistics) ...") that knows the storage protocol of Heroes 3 and well - or something like an Android Mobile Personal Computer with an Android Platform Menu to this wiki, like Kochdroid.

Dogs are poor, they dont purr. And they aint got no litter box. And most cats are not trained leashwise. Or do agility, like they could.

You made quite a lot of edits; some were good, somewere bad and some were – to be honest – nonsense. And I would like to emphasize here, that I am not trying to "shoot you down" or anything like that. But your writing style is, well, confusing. For example, you wrote about Regeneration, First Aid Tents and Forgetfulness on Armorer page, and while they in some distant way link to reducing damage, they have their own pages where the information belongs to. Also, I would like to point out that this "a collection of facts" and very little discussion goes on here. So if you wish to analyze the game of Heroes of Might and Magic III, perhaps there are more suitable forums for that. --Kapteeni Ruoska 13:39, 2 August 2014 (CEST)

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