Rust Dragon

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Rust Dragon
Creature Rust Dragon.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif
Resource Sulfur 20x18.gif
Attack 30
Defense 30
Damage 50
Health 750
Speed 17
Movement Flying
Size 2
Growth 1
 Special abilities:
Acid breath

Rust Dragons are neutral creatures recruited from the Sulfurous Lair, which can only be found from the Adventure Map.

Rust dragons are known to hunt Gorgons, and live and feed in sulfur mines. With this appetite, rust dragons spew a concentrated acid as their primary attack. This acid is capable of eating through the strongest armor, lowering the defense of its target while inflicting further damage. Placing Hydras or any living Dragons in the Skeleton Transformer will give you Bone Dragons instead of regular Skeletons.

Rust Dragons have an AI Value of 26433.

Acid breath special ability[edit]

Acid breath special ability may occur after a stack of Rust Dragons have attacked target creature stack and before the stack has chance to retaliate. The breath reduces the target stack's defense by 3, and has 30 % chance to cause additional damage amount of 25 points per attacking unit.