Armor of the Damned

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Armor of the Damned
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Armor of the Damned
Artifact Armor of the Damned.gif Class: relic
Slot: torso
Cost: N/A Gold
Effect: All opponents have these spells effective on them for fifty turns: slow, curse, weakness, and misfortune.
Requires to combine:
Blackshard of the Dead KnightBlackshard of the Dead Knight
Rib CageRib Cage
Shield of the Yawning DeadShield of the Yawning Dead
Skull HelmetSkull Helmet
Armor of the Damned is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in torso slot. It is also a combination artifact, which are only available if Shadow of Death expansion is installed. In addition to the regular primary skill bonuses from combined artifacts, the armor has effect that causes Slow, Curse, Weakness and Misfortune at expert level with a duration of 50 rounds at the beginning of hero's first turn during combat.

Requires the following artifacts to create:


Armor of the Damned is one of the weakest combination artifacts in the game in regards to stats alone (+3 attack, +3 defense, +2 power, +2 knowledge). Conversely, its effect is easily one of the most powerful, casting a total of four spells at Expert level, at no cost, and leaving the hero free to cast another spell on their action (so potentially 5 spells in a single turn). Of the spells cast, only Misfortune is subpar. Slow is one of the best spells in the game and Weakness and Curse are both fairly potent, especially combined.

Since it casts its spells only when your first unit becomes active, Armor of the Damned works best with a speedy unit stack and/or combat speed artifacts. If the enemy moves before you, they may haste their units or slow yours, and cripple your army before the Armor ever has a chance of activating.