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Calid the Heretic
Basic infromation:
Calid Class: Heretic
Gender: female
Race: demon
Calid possesses an unusual (though useful) ability to sniff out hidden sulfur deposits. The Dungeon Overlords have used her on several occasions when collecting sulfur for their fearsome dragons.
Specialty: Sulfur
Specialty Sulfur Increases kingdom's sulfur production by 1 per day.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Learning  Basic Learning
Starting troops:
Imp Imp 15–25 Always
Gog Gog 4–7 3/4
Hell Hound Hell Hound 3–4 1/4
Starting spell:
Haste Haste
Calid the Heretic is a hero from Inferno town. By default, Calid starts with a spell book and knows the Haste spell.