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Ciele the Elementalist
Basic infromation:
Ciele Class: Elementalist
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Specialty: Magic Arrow
Specialty Magic Arrow When cast, Magic Arrow damage is increased by 50%.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Water Magic  Basic Water Magic
Starting troops:
Pixie Pixie 15–25 Always
Air Elemental Air Elemental 3-5 3/4
Water Elemental Water Elemental 2-3 1/4
Starting spell:
Magic Arrow Magic Arrow
Ciele the Elementalist is a hero from Conflux town. By default, Ciele starts with a spell book and knows the Magic Arrow spell. Ciele starts with a Spell Book and knows the spell Magic Arrow.


Growing up next to the ocean bordering AvLee, Ciele always felt a bond with the ancient waters. She has wandered the lands seeking her calling. Now she finds herself serving the Conflux.


Her specialty effectively turns Magic Arrow into Ice Bolt (but cheaper to cast). One of the best heroes to have for early exploration. Does not get obsoleted easily because of the starting Water Magic skill and high skill power/knowledge skill values.