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Armor of the Damned
Bow of the Sharpshooter
Cloak of the Undead King
Elixir of Life
Power of the Dragon Father
Ring of the Magi
Statue of Legion
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Ironfist of the Ogre Horn of the Abyss
Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss
Artifact Cornucopia.gif Class: relic
Slot: misc
Blocks: shoulders,
ring x2
Cost: 20000 Gold
Effect: Generates 4 of each precious resource, each day.
Requires to combine:
Everflowing Crystal Cloak Everflowing Crystal Cloak
Everpouring Vial of Mercury Everpouring Vial of Mercury
Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur
Ring of Infinite Gems Ring of Infinite Gems
Cornucopia artifact.gif You trip over the Town of Plenty, dust it off, and stick it in your pack.

Cornucopia is a relic class combination artifact and is equipped in the misc slot. Combination artifacts were first added in the Shadow of Death expansion. In addition to the regular bonuses, the Cornucopia will generate 4 Mercury, 4 Sulfur, 4 Crystal and 4 Gem each day.

Requires the following artifacts to create: