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Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.


  • Cost: 2000 gold, 20 wood.
  • Can only be built in the city that is located next to water.
  • Requirements: None.
  • Allows you to buy a boat for 1000 gold and 10 wood, next to the city if there is an unoccupied slot.


  • Cost: 1000 gold.
  • Requirements: Fort, Nymph Waterfall, Shack.
  • Increases the gain of the Crew Mates and Seamen by 4.


  • Cost: 1000 gold.
  • Requirements: Fort, Nymph Waterfall, Shack, Nest.
  • Increases the gain of the Stormbird and Ayssid by 3.

Thieves' Guild[edit]

  • Cost: 500 gold, 5 wood.
  • Requirements: Tavern.
  • Opens 2 additional levels of information in Thieves' Guild, provides towns and garrisons information on enemy towns.


  • Cost: 7500 gold, 15 wood, 15 ore.
  • Requirements: Marketplace.
  • Allows the guest hero to sacrifice creatures or artifacts, gaining experience. Works like Altar of Sacrifice (map object).


  • Grail building of Cove. Brings 5000 gold per day.
  • Multiplies the growth of creatures by 1.5 per week (rounded down).
  • Makes any terrain native to Cove (movement without penalty, +1 to attack, defense and speed, see and ignore mines and see quicksand). Cove's siege remains on swamp.

Building Tree[edit]

CoveBuildings eng.png

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