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Creature Dwelling refers either a building in a town or a structure that can be found on Adventure Map. They are living places of creatures that can be hired. Each dwelling provide a unique number of creatures each week, and the supply of available recruits will be replenished the first day of a week.

In towns[edit]

Each week, the population of these dwellings grows, increasing the number of creatures available at the dwelling which you may recruit into the town's garrison.

On Adventure Map[edit]

On Adventure Map creature dwellings a hero must visit the dwelling in order to recruit the creatures. Only non-upgraded creatures can be hired, and the cost of creatures are the same as in towns, except level 1 creatures, which are recruited for free. Once the dwelling fly under the player's flag, all associated dwellings in towns receive +1 growth bonus.

Creature dwelling of level 5, 6 and 7 are guarded by non-upgraded versions of the creatures the dwelling produces. The number of creatures is growth times three, which means that level 7 dwellings are guarded by 3, level 6 by 6 and level 5 by 9 creatures. The guards are renewed at the beginning of each week, which means that the dwelling may be re-flagged for free by enemy heroes any number of times during that week. If a hero retreats or is defeated, only the surviving guards will be there if another hero attacks in the same week.

Interestingly enough, the graphic representations of most of the external dwellings resemble the corresponding upgraded town dwellings, despite yielding only non-upgraded units. Additionally, from Golem Factory a hero can hire also Gold Golems and Diamond Golems.