Cyclops Stockpile

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Cyclops Stockpile
Cyclops Stockpile.gif
% Guards Content XP
 30 % 
4xWood 4xMercury 4xOre
4xSulfur 4xCrystal 4xGem
 30 % 
6xWood 6xMercury 6xOre
6xSulfur 6xCrystal 6xGem
 30 % 
8xWood 8xMercury 8xOre
8xSulfur 8xCrystal 8xGem
 10 % 
10xWood 10xMercury 10xOre
10xSulfur 10xCrystal 10xGem
Visiting scheme
Cyclops Stockpile (vs).png

Cyclops Stockpile is an adventure map location, and commonly known as one of the creature banks. It guarded by 20–50 cyclops. The more guards there are, the better the reward. The treasure contains 4-10 of each resources but not gold Gold.

Grid-cb 1.gif
The guards are divided into five stacks of 4/6/8/10 Cyclopes (red hexes). 50% probability of getting a stack of Cyclops Kings in the lower left corner (C hex). All the guard stacks of the same speed are attacking in alphabetic order from A to E.

The hero's troops are located in blue hexes 1-7 (a tail hex for two-hexed creatures) accordingly to stack positioning in the army. But if the hero has less than 7 stacks, e.g. 3, they will be placed in hexes 1-3 no matter how they were placed in the army.

Though war machines are not available, the infinite shots effect of Ammo Cart is active.

Slain enemies do not respawn (should the hero retreat or be defeated).

Guards preview[edit]

Guards Stacks Guards preview Upgraded stack
30 %: Cyclops x20 4 x5 lots (20-49) of Cyclopses pack (10-19) of Cyclopses
few (1-4) Cyclops Kings
30 %: Cyclops x30 6 x5 lots (20-49) of Cyclopses
several (5-9) Cyclops Kings
30 %: Cyclops x40 8 x5
10 %: Cyclops x50 10 x5 horde (50-99) of Cyclopses lots (20-49) of Cyclopses
pack (10-19) of Cyclops Kings

Default settings for random map generator[edit]

  • Terrain: any dry land.
  • Value: 3000.
  • Density: 100.

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