Elixir of Life

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For the campaign with the same name, see Elixir of Life (campaign).
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Elixir of Life
Artifact Elixir of Life.gif Class: relic
Slot: miscellaneous
Cost: N/A Gold
Effect: All creatures get a 25% health bonus and gain the regeneration ability. Does not work on Undead or unliving creatures.
Requires to combine:
Ring of LifeRing of Life
Ring of VitalityRing of Vitality
Vial of LifebloodVial of Lifeblood
Elixir of Life is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in miscellaneous slot. It is also a combination artifact, which are only available if Shadow of Death expansion is installed.

In addition to the regular bonuses from combined artifacts, the Elixir of Life increases health of all living creatures by +25% and they gain a regeneration ability similar to that of Trolls or Wraiths. Neither of these abilities apply to Undead or non-living (unliving) units.

Requires the following artifacts to create:


The 25% health bonus is calculated using each creature's base health before other bonuses are added. So for example a creature with base health 4 will get +1 from the 25% bonus. After that bonuses from normal artifacts are added giving +4 more points, for a total of 9 health.

The regeneration ability only adds the base number of hit points that a Troll has (40) and does NOT necessarily maximize the hitpoints of the actual creatures affected. The regeneration ability is more powerful on creatures with high health, like Behemoths or other level 7 creatures, or the various Dragons added in Armageddon's Blade.