Freelancer's Guild

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Freelancer's Guild as seen on the Adventure Map.

Freelancer's Guild is a special building for Stronghold town. In Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death, it is also an Adventure Map location. They both work the same way, a visiting hero is able to sell creatures for resources.

Requires: Marketplace

Cost: 1000 Gold


Like the markeplace and the Artifact merchants the price you will receive for your creatures is determined by the number of marketplaces you own.

The rates are as follows:

  • 1 owned marketplace = 30% of creature price
  • 2 owned marketplaces = 45% of creature price
  • 3 owned marketplaces = 50% of creature price
  • 4 owned marketplaces = 65% of creature price
  • 5 owned marketplaces = 70% of creature price
  • 6 owned marketplaces = 85% of creature price
  • 7 owned marketplaces = 90% of creature price
  • 8+ owned marketplaces = 100% of creature price

Notice: Only the price of the creature in gold is taken into account, so a Titan will maximally sell for 5000 gold, despite it also costing 2 gems to purchase.

When selling ceature for other resources than gold, the rates are calculated in the same way. Wood and ore have values of roughly 250 gold per piece, while magic resources have a value of roughly 500 gold per piece. Thereby, a Titan sells for maximally 5000 gold or 10 magic resources or 20 wood/ore.

The Adventure Map object version of the Freelancer's Guild always gives you 70% of the creature's price.