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Structure Cost Requirement Benefits
Village Hall N/A N/A Automatically part of all towns; provides an income of 500 Gold per day.
Town Hall
• Village Hall
• Tavern
Provides 1000 Gold per day.
City Hall
• Town Hall
• Mage Guild Level 1
• Marketplace
Provides 2000 Gold per day.
• City Hall
• Castle
Provides 4000 Gold per day.

As described in the manual, the hall is the center of leadership, that provide the kingdom with income in the form of gold (Gold). There are four types of halls available for every faction: Village Hall, Town Hall, City Hall and Capitol. Village Hall is present in every town and it produces 500 Gold per day. Village Hall can be upgraded to Town Hall and Town Hall can be upgraded to City Hall. Town hall provides 1000 Gold per day while City Hall produces 2000 Gold.

Additionally, every kingdom may upgrade one City Hall into Capitol, which will provide 4000 Gold per day. If the enemy captures the town with the Capitol, it is downgraded into City Hall if the enemy already possesses a Capitol. This is the only occasion a building can be downgraded. It is possible to control more than one Captiol, if the map creator has set two or more towns of the same player to have a Captiol, or has created a town specific event for Capitol to be built in one or more of the towns.