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Imbalance Imbalance is a feature of game when something (hero, creature, faction, spell, etc.) delivers strong advantage (overpowered) against analogues of its tier, or strong disadvantage. In tournaments players of same skill are expected to have equal chances of victory regardless of random effects, so this presents a problem.



Town portrait Conflux small.gif Conflux is considered imbalanced because of its 1,2,6 lvl units and quick growth of 7th lvl units, immunity to and Grail Building which gives all spells

Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis is considered imbalanced because of ability to create huge armies of skeletons, and Vampire Lords.

Secondary Skills[edit]

Basic Diplomacy small.gif Diplomacy



Class Hero Specialty Starting skill
Cleric Adela Adela Basic Diplomacy small.gif Diplomacy
Knight Sir Mullich Sir Mullich Specialty Speed small.gif +2 speed
Druid Elleshar Elleshar Specialty Intelligence small.gif Intelligence
Ranger Kyrre Kyrre Specialty Logistics small.gif Logistics
Ranger Mephala Mephala Specialty Armorer small.gif Armorer
Ranger Ryland Ryland Basic Diplomacy small.gif Diplomacy
Wizard Cyra Cyra Basic Diplomacy small.gif Diplomacy
Alchemist Neela Neela Specialty Armorer small.gif Armorer
Heretic Ayden Ayden Specialty Intelligence small.gif Intelligence
Death Knight Galthran Galthran Specialty Skeletons small.gif Skeletons
Necromancer Thant Thant Specialty Animate Dead small.gif Animate Dead
Overlord Gunnar Gunnar Specialty Logistics small.gif Logistics
Barbarian Crag Hack Crag Hack Specialty Offense small.gif Offense
Battle Mage Dessa Dessa Specialty Logistics small.gif Logistics
Battle Mage Gundula Gundula Specialty Offense small.gif Offense
Witch Andra Andra Specialty Intelligence small.gif Intelligence
Beastmaster Tazar Tazar Specialty Armorer small.gif Armorer
Captain Corkes Corkes Horn of the Abyss Specialty Offense small.gif Offense
Navigator Eovacius Eovacius Horn of the Abyss Specialty Clone small.gif Clone


Adventure Map Objects[edit]

  • Dragon Utopia
  • Hill Fort
  • Magic Spring
  • Altar of Mana  Horn of the Abyss
  • Seafaring Academy  Horn of the Abyss

Town Buildings[edit]

  • Mana Vortex

Methods against imbalance[edit]

  • Banning offending entities from game altogether
  • Gentleman's accords so even if its in game, it will be not used (e.g. it might be forbidden to upgrade Vampires to Vampire Lords)
  • Designing map in a way so even if entity is ingame its effect would be encountered (e.g. artifracts against necromants, or multiple mid-tier creature dwellings which are not useful for necromants)