Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber

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Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber
Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber Class: minor
Slot: misc
Cost: 5000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, this cart provides kingdom with an additional +1 wood per day.
Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber artifact.gif Pausing to rest and light a cook fire, you pull wood out of a nearby lumber cart. As you keep pulling wood from the cart, you notice that its cargo doesn't shrink. You realize to your delight that the cart is enchanted, so you take it along.

Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber is a minor class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot. While equipped in a miscellaneous slot, the artifact produces one wood (Wood) per day for the kingdom. Several artifacts do not give their bonus if two or more same artifacts are equipped. For example, equipping two Equestrian Gloves does not give bonus for both gloves but only for one pair. However, Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber is an exception. A hero may have multiple lumber carts equipped, and they will all work producing multiple woods per day.

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