List of campaign heroes

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This is a list of heroes (or versions of heroes) that are found only in the campaigns.

Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Christian Christian  Knight  Specialty Ballista small.gif  Ballista Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership  Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery 
General Kendal General Kendal  Knight  Specialty Estates small.gif  Estates Basic Estates  Basic Estates  Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership 
Gem Gem  Druid  Specialty First Aid small.gif  First Aid Basic First Aid  Basic First Aid  Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Lightning Bolt small.png Lightning Bolt 
Yog Yog  Wizard  Specialty Chain Lightning small.gif  Chain Lightning Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Basic Offense  Basic Offense 
Finneas Finneas  Necromancer  Specialty Animate Dead small.gif  Animate Dead Basic Necromancy  Basic Necromancy  Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism  Animate Dead small.png Animate Dead 
Sandro Sandro  Necromancer  Specialty Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery Basic Necromancy  Basic Necromancy  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Slow small.png Slow 
Ordwald Ordwald  Warlock  Specialty Slayer small.gif  Slayer Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar  Slayer small.png Slayer 

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