Luck (secondary skill)

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This article refers to the secondary skill. For the effects of luck in combat, see luck.
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Basic Luck.png Basic Luck: increases your hero's luck by 1.
Advanced Luck.png Advanced Luck: increases your hero's luck by 2.
Expert Luck.png Expert Luck: increases your hero's luck by 3.

Luck is a secondary skill, that increases the combat variable of the same name. A hero receives +1 luck at basic skill level, +2 at advanced and +3 at expert.

Heroes with Luck as a starting skill:

Heroes with a related specialty:

  • Melodia Melodia the Druid casts Fortune with increased effect, based on her level compared to the level of the target unit.


Having high luck is unquestionably valuable in combat. For several reasons, however, Luck is only a mediocre secondary skill:

  • Maximum positive luck is +3. This may already be obtained through artifacts and adventure map locations (e.g. Fountain of Fortune), so often there is little need to also spend a secondary skill slot on it.
  • Lucky strikes are not sufficiently numerous or powerful to rival the bonus damage of Archery or Offense. Even when expert Luck increases luck from 0 to +3, the resulting average bonus damage is 2.4 times lower than what expert Offense provides to melee attacks, and 4 times lower than what expert Archery provides to ranged attacks.
  • Luck is unpredictable and therefore cannot be relied on when planning fights.