Luck (secondary skill)

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This article is about the secondary skill called Luck. For luck as a combat variable, see luck.
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Basic Luck.png Basic Luck: increases your hero's luck by 1.
Advanced Luck.png Advanced Luck: increases your hero's luck by 2.
Expert Luck.png Expert Luck: increases your hero's luck by 3.

Luck is a secondary skill, that increases the combat variable of the same name. A hero receives +1 luck at basic skill level, +2 at advanced and +3 at expert.


Having high luck is unquestionably valuable in combat. For several reasons, however, Luck is only a mediocre secondary skill:

  • Maximum positive luck is +3. This may already be obtained through artifacts and adventure map locations (e.g. Fountain of Fortune), so often there is little need to also spend a secondary skill slot on it.
  • Lucky strikes are not sufficiently numerous or powerful to rival the bonus damage of Archery or Offense. Even when expert Luck increases luck from 0 to +3, the resulting average bonus damage is 2.4 times lower than what expert Offense provides to melee attacks, and 4 times lower than what expert Archery provides to ranged attacks.
  • Luck is unpredictable and therefore cannot be relied on when planning fights.