Manifest Destiny

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Mainifest Destiny is a playable map in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia.


Manifest Destiny is a game where you can win by flagging all mines or defeating all enemies. It is a small map which is divided into four quadrants with a cross shape dividing them. In the middle of the cross is a portal under/overground, and and four mines in a diamond shape. There are also mines on every spoke of the cross. Since their is an overworld and an underworld, that means their are sixteen mines. In every quarter of the map (area outside the center cross) Is the city of one player, two waterwheels, a windmill, and a shrine of magic. Every player starts with one city. Their are eight players in the game, and each castle is one of the eight kinds. There are no oceans on this map. The only way through the players quarters and the center cross are forts. Each quarter has two forts connecting to two spokes of the center cross. They each contain level one-four units of the quarters castle.



-When you start the game, move your hero to the two forts connecting your quarter to the center cross to collect some free troops.

-Visit the windmill and watermills every week to reap their rewards

-Make your starting hero your "Main hero" who you use to explore, flag mines, capture cities, and fight most of your battles.

-After about week 2, get a second hero to be your "quarter defender hero" who will gaurd the quarters city and collect the quarters wind and water mills every week. Every time you take over a new city with your Main hero, keep him in their several days to make sure the city is secure, then buy another quarter defender to gaurd your new city so your main hero can keep adventuring.

-If you take over the entire over or underworld, make your second strongest hero the "gate guard", who stands right outside the exit of the gate on the other side so no heroes from the other world can cause havoc in your dimension. Make sure your main hero is safely on the other side of the gate before placing your gate guard.