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Obelisk 1.gif Obelisk 2.gif Obelisk 3.gif Obelisk 4.gif Obelisk 5.gif Obelisk 6.gif Obelisk 7.gif Obelisk 8.gif
There are eight different colors of Obelisks, which are - starting from the left - dark blue, green, black, light blue, purple, red, white and brown.

Obelisk is an Adventure Map location, that can be visited by a hero to reveal a piece of the Puzzle Map. The Puzzle Map reveals the location of the Grail piece by piece. There are eight different colors of Obelisks, that are red, green, light blue, dark blue, brown, purple, white and black. Although the appearance is different, the effect is always the same.

If the creator of the map has placed obelisks in the map, but no Grail, a Grail location will be set randomly.