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Rashka the Demoniac
Basic information:
Rashka Class: Demoniac
Gender: Male
Race: Efreet
Rashka is one of the strongest and most feared of all Efreet. His leadership methods focus on intimidation as a method of motivation. So far, it has worked.
Specialty: Efreet
Specialty Efreet Increases the attack and defense skills of any efreet or efreet sultans for each level attained after 6th level.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar
Starting troops:
Imp Imp 15–25 Always
Gog Gog 4–7 3/4
Hell Hound Hell Hound 3–4 1/4
Rashka the Demoniac is a hero from Inferno. He is the only might oriented hero who starts with the Wisdom secondary skill.