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Sandro the Necromancer
Basic information:
Sandro Class: Necromancer
Gender: Male
Race: Lich
Sandro first studied Necromancy under the tutelage of the Wizard, and later the Lich, Ethric. Sandro has seen nearly all of Enroth and Erathia, and now serves Finneas Vilmar, leader of the Necromancers of Deyja.
Specialty: Sorcery
Specialty Sorcery Receives a 5% per level bonus to Sorcery skill percentage.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Necromancy  Basic Necromancy
Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery
Starting troops:
Skeleton Skeleton 20–30 Always
Walking Dead Walking Dead 4–6 3/4
Wight Wight 4–6 1/4
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
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Walking Dead Walking Dead {{{hota_nmb_2}}} {{{hota_chance_2}}}
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Starting spell:
Slow Slow
Sandro the Necromancer is a hero from Necropolis. Sandro starts with a spell book and the spell Slow.

Sandro as a necromancer in disguise. Sandro as a necromancer in disguise.

Sandro (or self-identified as Sandro the Great) has been in each of the four Heroes of Might and Magic games, his picture even donned one side of the Heroes I's box.

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