Sea Captain's Hat

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Sea Captain's Hat
Sea Captain's Hat Class: relic
Slot: head
Cost: 15000 Gold
Effect: When worn, this hat increases hero's movement at sea, allows you to summon and destroy boats, and protects you from whirlpools."
Sea Captain's Hat artifact.gif An old seaman tells you a tale of an enchanted hat that he used in his youth to rally his crew into fits of efficiency. He then hands you a faded map that shows where he hid it. After much exploring, you find it stashed underneath a nearby rock.

Sea Captain's Hat is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in head slot. When equipped, it increases hero's movement over water by 500 Movement points and protects the army when entering whirlpools. Additionally, it temporarily adds summon boat and scuttle boat spells to hero's spell book.

In Shadow of Death expansion, Sea Captain's Hat is needed to assembly the Admiral's Hat, a combination artifact.

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