Spirit of Oppression

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Spirit of Oppression
Spirit of Oppression Class: treasure
Slot: misc
Cost: 2000 Gold
Effect: This item negates all morale bonuses during combat for both you and your opponent.
Spirit of Oppression is a treasure class artifact, that is equipped in misc slot. When equipped, it negates all positive morale bonuses during combat. It does not prevent creatures from receiving bad morale and "freezing from panic".


The Spirit of Oppression can be very useful when your army has no morale-boosting skills or items, and is especially useful for Necropolis (undead always have neutral morale) or Conflux armies (5 of the 7 creatures in the Conflux also have fixed neutral morale). Against neutral stacks it will prevent extra morale-based moves which may thwart an otherwise perfect tactical plan (neutral creatures subject to morale will always be +1 otherwise).