Swordsman and Crusader

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Castle creatures
Level 1
Pikeman Pikeman
Halberdier Halberdier
Level 2
Archer Archer
Marksman Marksman
Level 3
Griffin Griffin
Royal Griffin Royal Griffin
Level 4
Swordsman Swordsman
Crusader Crusader
Level 5
Monk Monk
Zealot Zealot
Level 6
Cavalier Cavalier
Champion Champion
Level 7
Angel Angel
Archangel Archangel
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Creature Swordsman.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 10
Defense 12
Damage 6–9
Health 35
Speed 5
Movement Ground
Size 1
Growth 4
AI Value 445
Creature Crusader.gif
 Cost per troop 
Resource Gold 20x18.gif

Attack 12
Defense 12
Damage 7–10 (x2)
Health 35
Speed 6
Movement Ground
Size 1
Growth 4
AI Value 588
 Special abilities:
Double attack
Barracks  Swordsman (adventure map).gifCrusader (adventure map).gif

Swordsmen and Crusaders are level 4 creatures of Castle. They can be recruited from Barracks. Both are relatively slow troops, but especially Crusaders with their double strike have high capability of doing damage.

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