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With Stronghold's selection of strong melee attackers, he is one of the most potent starting heroes in the game, especially in bigger maps where his ability can really build up. -unsigned

I beg to differ, what units do stronghold have? Cyclops are ridiculously expensive (crystals) and they're not melee. Rocs are mediocre mid units, but not fast enough to reach the enemy at the start. Behemonths are not fast enough either and all around, during siege, without balistics... stronghold is utterly fucked.

And you can bet that in every single battle, you're gonna lose units.

Most other factions can fly, hit at the start of the battle and have ranged units. The offense skill just isn't that good.

But nobody said you can't use crag hack with other factions.-- 01:26, 19 May 2019 (CEST)