Titan's Cuirass

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C Armor of the Damned
m Armor of Wonder
M Breastplate of Brimstone
t Breastplate of Petrified Wood
R Dragon Scale Armor
C Power of the Dragon Father
m Rib Cage
m Scales of the Greater Basilisk
R Titan's Cuirass
M Tunic of the Cyclops King
M Royal Armor of Nix Horn of the Abyss
Titan's Cuirass
Titan's Cuirass Class: relic
Slot: torso
Cost: 10000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, Titan's Cuirass increases hero's power skill by +10, but reduces knowledge skill by -2.
Titan's Cuirass artifact.gif A Titan stops you and says, "Pay me 5,000 gold, or I shall slay you where you stand." You refuse. The Titan grabs the sword hanging from its belt, but you duck between its legs. He is so surprised by this maneuver that he trips... falling on his sword and killing himself instantly. You relieve him of his belongings.

Titan's Cuirass is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in torso slot. While equipped, the armor increases hero's Power by +10 but also decreases hero's Knowledge by -2. Relic class artifacts cannot be purchased from Artifact Merchants. (Remember to take it off when refilling mana.)

In Shadow of Death expansion, Titan's Cuirass forms the Titan's Thunder together with the Thunder Helmet, the Titan's Gladius and the Sentinel's Shield.

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