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Uland the Druid
Basic information:
Uland Class: Druid
Gender: male
Race: dwarf
Uland spent a great deal of his life as a battlefield healer before choosing to follow the path of a Druid, but the lessons he learned serving in the military have made him into an excellent leader today.
Specialty: Cure
Specialty Cure Casts Cure with increased effect, based on hero level compared to the level of the target unit.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom
Basic Ballistics  Basic Ballistics
Starting troops:
Centaur Centaur 12–24 Always
Dwarf Dwarf 3–5 3/4
Wood Elf Wood Elf 3–6 1/4
Starting spell:
Cure Cure
Uland the Druid is a hero from Rampart. Uland starts with a spell book and the spell Cure. In Restoration of Erathia Uland is one of two heroes who have more than two levels of secondary skills (the other one being Deemer). In Armageddon's Blade, Adrienne starts with Expert Fire Magic and Basic Wisdom.