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Welcome to the Heroes of Might and Magic III wiki! I noticed that you tried to edit the page Counter.

I've reverted the changes you made back to how it was before.

Take a look at the editor guidelines and post any questions you have to the chatbox.

When you're ready to try editing something again you can try following these instructions if you're worried about messing something up:

When you feel ready to try editing a page again, use this guide: (only if you're worried about making another mistake)

  • Open any uncreated page like this:
  • Click the create tab
  • Add your text
  • Click Show preview
  • You probably won't be needing to save a testing page very often, but if for some reason you do, put it in your own userspace like this:
  • After you've done some testing and you think you're ready, go ahead and open the actual page you want to edit
  • Find the place in the page's existing text where you want to make your change
  • Copy the change from your testing page
  • Paste the new (or changed) lines where you think they should go
  • Click Show preview and make sure everything looks good
  • When you're ready go ahead and click Save page</noinclude>

Kapteeni Ruoska (talk) 15:49, 20 April 2017 (CEST)

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