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Verdish the Witch
Basic infromation:
Verdish Class: Witch
Gender: female
Race: human
Specialty: First Aid
Specialty First Aid Receives a 5% per level bonus to first aid skill.
Starting secondary skill(s):
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic First Aid  Basic First Aid
Starting troops:
Gnoll Gnoll 10–20 Always
Lizardman Lizardman 4–7 3/4
Serpent Fly Serpent Fly 2–4 1/4
Starting spell:
Protection from Fire Protection from Fire
Verdish the Witch is a hero from Fortress town. By default, Verdish starts with a spell book and knows the Protection from Fire spell.

A peculiar thing is, that in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, she is a knight.


Verdish nearly perished in a raid into her homeland by the Dungeon Overlords. Fortunately she is a master of the healing arts, and was able to heal the near-fatal wounds she received in that battle.