School of Water Magic

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School of Water Magic
Symbol for School of Water Magic
Level 1
 Magic Arrow
 Protection from Water
 Summon Boat
Level 2
 Ice Bolt
 Remove Obstacle
 Scuttle Boat
Level 3
 Frost Ring
Level 4
 Water Walk
Level 5
 Summon Water Elemental
School of Air Magic
School of Earth Magic
School of Fire Magic

School of Water Magic is one of the four schools of magic. Others are School of Air Magic, School of Fire Magic and School of Earth Magic. School of Water Magic is related to the secondary skill Water Magic, which allows heroes' to cast Water School spells more effectively and at reduced cost. The cost reduction is the same regardless of whether a hero holds the skill at basic, advanced, or expert level.


The power of Water Magic lies in the following spells Bless, Dispel, Cure, Teleport, Prayer and Clone. Casting Bless can significantly increase damage of creature stacks that have a decent range of damage (2-7) 4-11 etc. With Dispel and Cure a hero can remove unwanted spell effects, and they are almost compulsory when playing against human opponents.

In sieges, the Teleport spell can be devastating for the defender, if you consider a really rare situation where the attacker teleports Chaos Hydras inside the castle walls. Where expert Haste gives creatures +5 movement the expert Prayer gives +4 and therefore is almost as good as a Haste spell.

Last but not least, attacking with A Cloned unit not only does damage, but also removes the retaliation which a defending unit would have a chance at, which could be more important than the actual damage. Clone is also known for combining it with Archangels resurrect ability. Additionally, Water Walk can not be ignored as a very powerful adventure spell.

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