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Hero classes
 Death Knight
 Battle Mage
 Skills 1 2–9 >10
 Attack:  0  5%  20%
 Defense:  1  15%  20%
 Power:  2  40%  30%
 Knowledge:  2  40%  30%
Chances of secondary skills (out of 112)
Combat Magic Adventure
Basic Archery small.gif  Archery  3
Basic Armorer small.gif  Armorer  4
Basic Artillery small.gif  Artillery  1
Basic Ballistics small.gif  Ballistics  8
Basic First Aid small.gif  First Aid  8
Basic Leadership small.gif  Leadership  1
Basic Luck small.gif  Luck  4
Basic Offense small.gif  Offense  2
Basic Resistance small.gif  Resistance  0
Basic Tactics small.gif  Tactics  1
Basic Intelligence small.gif  Intelligence  7
Basic Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism  8
Basic Scholar small.gif  Scholar  7
Basic Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery  8
Basic Wisdom small.gif  Wisdom  8
Basic Air Magic small.gif  Air Magic  3
Basic Earth Magic small.gif  Earth Magic  3
Basic Fire Magic small.gif  Fire Magic  3
Basic Water Magic small.gif  Water Magic  3
Basic Diplomacy small.gif  Diplomacy  2
Basic Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye  10
Basic Estates small.gif  Estates  1
Basic Learning small.gif  Learning  4
Basic Logistics small.gif  Logistics  3
Basic Navigation small.gif  Navigation  6
Basic Necromancy small.gif  Necromancy  0
Basic Pathfinding small.gif  Pathfinding  2
Basic Scouting small.gif  Scouting  2

Witches are magic heroes of Fortress. They are adept at the use of magic powered by rare ingredients gathered from swamplands. Learning this knowledge takes a focus that allows for little advancement of military knowledge.

All Witches start with the secondary skill Wisdom. Witches cannot learn Resistance, which means they can only acquire it from Witch Hut, Scholar, Seer's Hut or Event.


Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2
Andra Andra  Witch  Specialty Intelligence small.gif  Intelligence Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence 
Merist Merist  Witch  Specialty Stone Skin small.gif  Stone Skin Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Learning  Basic Learning 
Mirlanda Mirlanda  Witch  Specialty Weakness small.gif  Weakness Advanced Wisdom  Advanced Wisdom   
Rosic Rosic  Witch  Specialty Mysticism small.gif  Mysticism Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Mysticism  Basic Mysticism 
Styg Styg  Witch  Specialty Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery 
Tiva Tiva  Witch  Specialty Eagle Eye small.gif  Eagle Eye Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Eagle Eye  Basic Eagle Eye 
Verdish Verdish  Witch  Specialty First Aid small.gif  First Aid Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic First Aid  Basic First Aid 
Voy Voy  Witch  Specialty Navigation small.gif  Navigation Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Navigation  Basic Navigation 
Adrienne Adrienne  Witch  Specialty Fire Magic small.gif  Fire Magic Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Expert Fire Magic  Expert Fire Magic 

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