Wizard's Well

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Wizard's Well
Wizard's Well
Artifact Wizard's Well.gif Class: relic
Slot: miscallaenous
Cost: N/A Gold
Effect: Regenerates all spell points each day
Requires to combine:
Charm of ManaCharm of Mana
Talisman of ManaTalisman of Mana
Mystic Orb of ManaMystic Orb of Mana
Wizard's Well is a relic class artifact, that is equipped in miscallaenous slot. It is also a combination artifact, which are only available if Shadow of Death expansion is installed.

Regenerates all of a hero's mana each day.

Requires the following artifacts to create:

Comments & debate[edit]

A fairly easy combination artifact to assemble. Avoid selling the individual components or distributing them among your lesser heroes. The Wizard's Well is more useful than the spell duration combination artifact Ring of the Magi, especially if your hero is able to cast expensive spells repeatedly, such as expert Dimension Door or Town Portal.