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Adventure Map represents the part of Erathia, where the game takes place. Typically at the beginning of a scenario or a custom map, players can see only see areas within the view of their town's and/or heroes line of sight; the rest is shrouded. Heroes can be sent to explore the map, and reveal new areas as they travel. Heroes will discover treasures, wandering creatures, valuable resources, and significant locations, like mines, which will provide steady streams of resources; or creature dwellings where a hero may recruit troops for his army.

The Adventure Map consists of two layers: the surface and the subterranean level. Heroes can travel from one layer to another either through Subterranean Gate or Monoliths. The subterranean territory is displayed on its own map.

At the beginning of each day, mines and cities under player's control add to resources. Resources represent gold and raw materials a player may spend to improve towns, recruit troops, and perform other actions. Town buildings producing creatures do so on the first day of the week. The current date appears at the lower right corner of the Adventure Map screen.

Objects with repeatable actions may be repeated without spending movement points by pressing the space bar.

List of Adventure map structures and objects

Picture Adventure map object Maximum number in map
Anti-magic Garrison Anti-Magic Garrison: Can withhold up to seven different stacks of creatures. The garrison prevents all spellcasting during combat and in the visiting square. 48
Arena Arena: When visited, offers once for every hero to increases either their attack or defense skill +2. 32
Black Market Black Market: Enables visiting hero to buy artifacts. 32
Boat Boat: Enables a hero to move over water tiles. 64
Corpse Corpse: When first visited, has 20% chance to give the hero random minor or major class artifact. 32
Event Event: An invisible characteristic of the square, that is triggered when a hero enters the square. Has multiple outcomes.
Creature dwelling Creature dwelling: Enables a visiting hero to hire one type of creatures. Each creature has different structure. Creature dwellings can also be Flagged which allows for the accumulation of creatures to be recruited every week and can also increase Growth for those creatures in their home Town. 44
Garden of Revelation Garden of Revelation: Gives all visiting heroes +1 to knowledge skill upon their first visit. 32
Garrison Garrison: Can withhold up to seven different stacks of creatures. Garrisons can be aligned both horizontally or vertically. 48
Lean To Lean To: Gives first visiting hero 1–4 units of resources other than gold. 32
Learning Stone Learning Stone: Gives visiting heroes +1000 to experience points upon their first visit. 32
Library of Enlightenment Library of Enlightenment: Increases visiting heroes all four primary skills by +2 if they have reached at least at level 10. 32
Magic Spring Magic Spring: Doubles the maximum spell points of a visiting hero and revives them to the new maximum value. The spring only works once a week. 32
Marletto Tower Marletto Tower: Gives all visiting heroes +1 to defense skill upon their first visit. 32
Mercenary Camp Mercenary Camp: Gives all visiting heroes +1 to attack skill upon their first visit. 32
Mine Mine: An object heroes can flag to deliver a set number of resources to the kingdom daily. 44
Lighthouse Lighthouses: A flaggable adventure map object that grants slightly increased movement to all heroes traveling in boats. 44
Mystical Garden Mystical Garden: 32
Obelisk Obelisk: 48
Prison Prison: A "loot" object that will reward you with a random hero of random level. 44
School of Magic School of Magic: 32
School of War School of War: 32
Seer's Hut Seer's Hut: A randomly selected low-level artifact will be requested by a mystical seer. You can exchange this artifact, whenever you have it available, for a random reward - usually creatures or experience. 48
Sign or Ocean Bottle Signs or Ocean Bottles: 28
Sirens Sirens: 32
Town Town: 48
Artifact Artifact: Unlimited
Border Gate Border Gate: Unlimited
Border Guard Border Guard: Unlimited
Buoy Buoy: Unlimited
Campfire Campfire: Unlimited
Cartographer Cartographer: Unlimited
Cover of Darkness (Adventure Map) Cover of Darkness (Adventure Map): Unilimited
Crypt Crypt: Unlimited
Cyclops Stockpile Cyclops Stockpile: Unlimited
Den of Thieves Den of Thieves: Unlimited
Derelict Ship Derelict Ship: Unlimited
Dragon Fly Hive Dragon Fly Hive: Creature bank guarded by 30-100 Dragon Flies for which a victorious hero will be rewarded 4-12 Wyverns. Unlimited
Dragon Utopia Dragon Utopia: One of the creature banks. Guarded by 16–26 dragons. The treasure contains 20000-50000 Gold and 4 artifacts. Unlimited
Dwarven Treasury (Adventure Map) Dwarven Treasury (Adventure Map): Unlimited
Eye of the Magi Eye of the Magi: Unlimited
Faerie Ring Faerie Ring: Unlimited
Flotsam Flotsam: An ocean object which can provide up to 10 wood and 500 gold. Note: Flotsams can also contain nothing at all. Unlimited
Fountain of Fortune Fountain of Fortune: Unlimited
Fountain of Youth Fountain of Youth: Unlimited
Freelancer's Guild Freelancer's Guild: Unlimited
Griffin Conservatory Griffin Conservatory: A Creature bank in which heroes can do combat with 50-150 Griffins and Royal Griffins in exchange for 1-3 free angels. Unlimited
Hill Fort Hill Fort: Offers heroes the opportunity to upgrade all creatures in the game at the standard resource cost. Unlimited
Hut of the Magi Hut of the Magi: Reveals a small area around all "eye of the magi" objects on the adventure map. Unlimited
Idol of Fortune Idol of Fortune: Unlimited
Imp Cache Imp Cache: Unlimited
Keymaster's Tent Keymaster's Tent: Unlimited
Magic Well Magic Well: Once per turn, per hero, the Magic Well restores 100% of mana reserves. Unlimited
Medusa Stores Medusa Stores: Unlimited
Mermaids Mermaids: Unlimited
Monolith One Way Entrance Monolith One Way Entrance: Unlimited
Monolith One Way Exit Monolith One Way Exit: Unlimited
Monolith Two Way Monolith Two Way: Unlimited
Naga Bank Naga Bank: Unlimited
Oasis Oasis: Unlimited
Pandora's Box Pandora's Box: Unlimited
Pillar of Fire Pillar of Fire: Immediately reveals terrain within a 20-square radius around the hero. Unlimited
Pyramid Pyramid: Creature bank in which a hero can do battle with 10 Diamond Golems and 40 Gold Golems in exchange for a random level 5 spell Note: If hero does not possess expert Wisdom skill, the spell will not be learned. Unlimited
Quest Guard Quest Guard: Unlimited
Rally Flag Rally Flag: Unlimited
Redwood Observatory Redwood Observatory: Immediately reveals terrain within a 20-square radius around the hero. Unlimited
Refugee Camp Refugee Camp: Once per week, serves as a random dwelling where any creature in the game can be recruited at base creature growth and resource cost. Unlimited
Resources Resources: Unlimited
Sanctuary Sanctuary: Unlimited
Scholar (Adventure Map) Scholar (Adventure Map): A loot item that will teach the hero a random low-level spell, Secondary skill, or add +1 to a Primary skill. Unlimited
Sea Chest Sea Chest: Unlimited
Shipwreck Survivor Shipwreck Survivor: The first hero who picks the survivor up from the sea recieves an artifact. The survivor disappear after first visit. Unlimited
Shipwreck Shipwreck: Unlimited
Shipyard Shipyard: Unlimited
Shrine of Magic Gesture Shrine of Magic Gesture: Unlimited
Shrine of Magic Incantation Shrine of Magic Incantation: Unlimited
Shrine of Magic Thought Shrine of Magic Thought: Unlimited
Subterranean Gate Subterranean Gate: Teleports hero to the nearest Subterranean Gate in the opposite Layer to the current one. Unlimited
Swan Pond Swan Pond: Hero may choose to spend all remaining Movement points for the day in exchange for a one-time boost to luck and morale. Unlimited
Tavern Tavern: Unlimited
Temple Temple: Unlimited
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest: A loot item which offers the hero an option between gold or a boost in experience. It will either offer 1000g/ 500exp, 1500g/ 1000exp, or 2000g/1500exp. Unlimited
Witch Hut Witch Hut: Hero will immediately learn a random Secondary skill if a skill slot is available. The skill offered is static in the same game. Note: in the unofficial Horn of the Abyss expansion, heroes have a choice to not learn that skill. Unlimited
Altar of Sacrifice.gif Altar of Sacrifice: Allows hero to sacrifice artifacts and/or creatures for experience. Good alignment heroes can sacrifice only artifacts, evil alignment heroes only creatures and neutral heroes can sacrifice both. Unlimited
Stables Stables: Gives the visiting hero a bonus of +400 movement points per day for the rest of the week. Additinally, upgrades Cavaliers to Champions for free. Unlimited
Star Axis Star Axis: Gives all visiting heroes +1 to power skill upon their first visit. 32
Trading Post Trading Post: Enables visiting hero trade resources (similarly to Marketplace). Note: The trading post serves as a level 3 marketplace, meaning once you have 3 or more towns with marketplaces built, the trading post is no longer useful. Unlimited
Tree of Knowledge Tree of Knowledge: Once increases the visiting hero's experience level by +1 either for free, for 2000 Gold or for 10 Gem. 32
University University teaches visiting heroes four different secondary skills to basic level for 2000 Gold per skill. Unlimited
Wagon Wagon may give first visiting hero 2–5 resources (except gold) or an artifact or it may be empty. Unlimited
War Machine Factory War Machine Factory: Enables visiting hero to buy all three War Machines. Unlimited
Warrior's Tomb Warrior's Tomb: Gives the first visiting hero a random artifact and -3 to Morale until next battle. Unlimited
Water Wheel.gif Water Wheel: Every week gives the first hero to visit +1000 Gold. First week of the month it gives only +500 Gold. Unlimited
Watering Hole.gif Watering Hole: Gives the visiting heroes +400 movement points until the end of the day and +1 morale until next battle. Unlimited
Whirlpool.gif Whirlpool: Enables the hero traveling on a boat to instantly transfers to another randomly chosen whirlpool. The hero loses 50% of the weakest stack's creatures. Unlimited

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